Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Parties, PB's, and Pushing On....

Ahhh, I love to see the scale moving in a downward motion.  It's been a rough couple of days.  The weekend brought many activities and I wasn't being mindful of my restriction, therefore, I found myself in several PB situations and my band no likie....

I have spent Monday and today taking it easy and focusing on liquids, protein shakes, soup, pudding and lots and lots of water.  Tonight I was finally able to eat the dinner I made for Ash, it was delish, I love me some yellow curry!!!

So, I had a situation arise this weekend and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced this and how you have dealt with it.  How do you handle family functions or gatherings where the menu is not band friendly?  We had a celebration this weekend and I was in the predicament of not being able to participate in dinner because part of the meal was not band friendly for me.  I had to go and buy something at the store and it left me feeling a bit frustrated and quite alone.  I don't want to seem selfish, like all our family meals have to revolve around what I can or cannot tolerate, but I just want some guidance on how to handle future situations, so I'm not feeling so left out. 

My birthday is coming this weekend and my Uncle is getting married.  Should be a fun weekend.  We are headed to Spokane on Friday, going to have dinner with some friends and then Saturday and Sunday are wedding festivities.  I'm pretty excited.  It's a small wedding, very close friends and family.  It will be nice to spend time with my family as we are ALL not together that often. 

I sure am enjoying all the blogs on Chicago.  Hopefully you all do another event and I can experience it also.  It sounds like everyone had an AMAZING time.  It's been inspiring to read all the blogs I do and I look forward to following more.

Nightie Night lovelies,   I'm going to finish with a few pictures from the birthday festivities this past weekend.

                                     Ash and I with the Birthday boy and his Corn Whiskey

                                                      Ash and I with my mom and Scott


  1. HI!!!!Am I your first official follower? Well if so...I am here! Thank you for giving me the link :)

    You know, I dont think I can remember a time when there was not SOMETHING I could eat. I can usually always make do. The hardest times for me are when I am boating or out with Heathers family and they are making sandwiches, bc then I can only eat the meat and that leaves me hungry. Usually, I just try to think ahead or offer to bring a dish that I know I can eat.

    As for Chicago, there will for sure be another time to meet up!

  2. Hi Katie, welcome to the blogging world.
    I am really impressed with how wonderful you have done. Such an inspiration.

  3. Your pictures are a beautiful testimony of your wonderful journey. You look beautiful now...you have come a long way...your blog is an encouragement for someone like me who is just one month banded.

  4. I had a business luncheon and the menu itself was not band friendly but if I deconstructed the food; it was fine. I had a grilled bourbon chicken sandwich with a side salad. What I did was take the top of the bun off, and proceeded to slice the chicken. I didn't eat the whole thing but focused on eating the protein. The emphasis was on talking so it didn't seem weird that I wasn't cleaning my plate. I bet that most people in your life are just thrilled to see you...and not focusing on your plate...I bet with your experience you can do a good job deconstructing food and eating parts that are band friendly and healthy. Also I'd indulge a bit and give yourself a little leeway-after all it is your B-DAY!